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Mediterranean food in the heart of the city!

A place with a history worth sharing!

Babylon Qithara Restaurant established in 2008. Located at the heart of princes island inside Eau Clair market mall. We are surrounded by vintage stores that give a warm aura with CINEPLEX ODEON CINEMAS that adds to the vintage style of the mall. While enjoying the different events that occur through out the year such as Turkish fest, Film fest, Latino fest, Canada Day, Pride, and more, we offer a fresh meals every day during the week.
Babylon Qithara restaurant is proud to offer Mediterranean food, utilizing the best Alberta meat and treating it on roasting-jack allowing us to get the perfect sear for our marinating chicken, offering the most succulent and sliced meat around.
We hope each costumer that joins us feels as though they are being invited into the Babylon Qithara family. Come join us to savour the variety of tasteful spices and let us take care of you like family.

Customers love our Restaurant

10 years of experience and practice

“... I love this restaurant. Quite my type of food and awesome service. Quality is fantastic, prices are reasonable and staff very friendly. Recommended!”
John dosh
“...I just love being and having dinner there for all the reasons you imagine! Awesome restaurant! Great customer service and quality!...”
george aniston

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Tender, spiced beef carefully cut in sliced wrapped in pita bread with garlic sauce And your choice of topping.

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